a history of what was made



and much, much, more

so lets take you back,

way, way, back

to a time when it didn't matter,

what you made,

what you sold,

only that which came to mind,

to translate onto anything that was in front,

be it paper, canvas, wood, or metal,

let it be

tim hovde


the 80's...where it all began

impressions: studying and playing music, photography, graphic design, escher, dali, and o'keefe, caldereach image represents the style hovde painted at that time
technology is smilingpapers, overlayed
reachacrylic, enamel, paper
boy in the bubbleacrylic, paper
selfacrylic, paper
prairieacrylic, canvas panel
acrylic, paper

the 90's

impressions: graphic design degree, picasso, calder, duchamp, pollack, rothko, kline, kleeeach image represents the style hovde painted at that time
Named, but do not know it yet
level headed

the early and mid 2000's

hovde entered into a new, grand studio without any rules or limits at this timeall the paint, canvas, and time to create anything and everything in his mindthus began pooling, virgin color, dans le jardin, and so many more series of artwork styles that he made his own
each image below represents a series of artwork ranging from 4 - 100+ pieces produced
the deep endoil, enamel canvas
semblanceacrylic, pencil, canvas
rollingoil, pastel, canvas
ocean blueoil, pencil, mixed medicanvas
grazing on colorpaste, cold press
fireworks flowersoil canvas

an evening studyoil canvas
untitledoil, enamel, mat board
inneroil, cold press
above and beyondoil canvas
color your worldoil canvas(beginning of Virgin Color series)
evening eyeoil canvas
figures of musicpastel, cold press
golden renaissanceoil, enamel, canvas
into twilightmobile, oil canvas, metal beads
pooling togetheroil canvas(first pooling painting, longview museum, perm. collection)
noted movementoil canvas
big redoil, canvas5x7 feet
circular renditionoil, canvas
audacieux #4ink, hot press
untitledpastel, cold press
siennaddictionoil, enamel, canvas
pooling rhapsodiaoil, canvas(beginning of multi-piece pooling series)
clothes make the manoil, cold press
translation undulationoil, glass on woodmulti-panel
virgin color waterfalloil, canvas(beginning of virgin color series)
vigoracrlic, pencil on mat board
en triompheink, canvas
untitledmobiles, plastic, glass, metal (series of hanging mobiles)
dans le jardin #1oil, canvas(first dans le jardin in the series)
untitledoil canvas

2011 - present