Pooling: thickly textured oil paintings that add big drama to any space. I poke hundreds, if not thousands of brush strokes into each piece, mixing the oil paint onto the canvas as I go, creating color with every push of the brush. Hues of yellow, orange, and red and brown accentuate the sunrise or sunset, bursting with color. White, black and sienna to create chocolate. Cerulean, Cobalt, Sap Green for ocean landscapes. Whether a singular piece or multiple canvases used to fill any size wall or space.
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30x40 Oil on Canvas
30x40 Oil on Canvas
66x54 Oil on Canvas
16x20 ea Oil on Canvas
24x24 ea Oil on Canvas
12x12 ea Oil on Canvas

Pooling Chocolate

48x30 Oil on Canvas SOLD

Pooling Reflections

Any number of squares, any size, any color combinations

Pooling Rhapsodia

48x24 Oil on Wood Panel SOLD
72x60 Oil on Canvas
24x24 ea Oil on Canvas