Tim Hovde was born in 1971 in North Dakota. From 1983 to 1989 he studied music, photography and art. In 1992 he moved to Arizona where he worked and studied for a degree in Graphic Design. Since 1985, Hovde has used a varied practice of music, painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture to explore the complex relationship between art, life and nature. Stating: “I have found that I am able to translate the reality in nature into paintings that are visually appealing as abstractions, yet remain true to the essence of my subject.” Hovde’s work investigates the challenge of taking imagery from nature, and experiencing the difficulties of translating those perceived reconciliations into a new experience.

At a young age, Hovde developed his interest in art and photography at ten years of age in North Dakota. He was heavily influenced by his father who was a professional photographer. From the age of thirteen he began studying music. Music inspired him to paint abstract expressionism on paper and mat board with enamels and pencils. Hovde continued to work, paint and photograph while living in Arizona, allowing the sun drenched landscapes, which he hiked and biked throughout the state, to influence his artwork. In the early 2000’s Tim began experimenting with oil paint and found that the resulting hues, tints, and textures that oil colour created, could not be reproduced in other mediums. Hovde developed two main styles during this period; Pooling and Virgin Color paintings, which represented sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls, rivers and landscapes. During this period of time, Hovde traveled to Europe and brought back images that would be translated into oil paintings. The resulting style of artwork would be called Dans le jardin(in the garden). Hovde was influenced by the manicured texture and color of the gardens throughout Europe. Explaining: “Experiencing the rich and ornate gardens is like diving into a pool of pure color.” Tim began painting on larger canvases, from four to eight feet in dimension. Hovde’s monumental pieces literally envelop the viewer in thick textures and strong hues; often finding themselves immersed in the painting.

In 2004 Tim’s artwork was exhibited at Gallery 360 in Scottsdale, Arizona for four years. Hovde currently exhibits artwork at Muir Fine Art Gallery in Houston, Texas. Hovde participated in exhibitions and events as late as 2013 throughout the US and locally in Arizona and Las Vegas. Tim now sells his artwork directly to clients in the United States and abroad, art consultants and interior designers. Private collections of Hovde’s artwork can be found throughout the United States and abroad.

Currently Hovde lives in Virginia where he continues to work and paint. Stating: “My wife and I decided to leave the deserts of the west and see the wonders of the green forests and rocky landscapes up and down the east coast.”

Artist Statement

“Each time I pick up the brush or palette knife, I let myself go. There is an image in my mind, but it’s more like a feeling, and the beat of music is in the background traveling through my mind and onto the canvas. The artwork is placed on the wall or floor, where I can work from inside out or a corner into the center. I’m not necessarily aware of what I’m doing, just letting the paint mix and fall into position until all feels just right.”