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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Pooling Skylines, Fireworks of Fowers #21 - Rosemaling, Pooling Sunrise

TIM HOVDE: INTERCHANGE - Online Art Exhibition 2021

Abstract artist Tim Hovde has always been close to nature and for good reason; nearly all of his paintings are inspired from the paths he's hiked or biked. Hovde's paintings flit between hills, valleys and the sky above, sometimes with vibrant colors and themes that depict the world around us. It's only fitting that Hovde is highly conscious of climate change within the environment that he photographs and paints. Tim's latest exhibit, inspired by the importance of environmental protection and conservation and titled "Interchange," opened in January and runs through late February online at Additionally, anyone donating to any of the top five environmental protection organizations will receive 25% off the sale of Hovde's artwork. Contact the artist for more information.

Environmental Defense Fund Friends of the Earth Clean Air Task Force Coalition for Rainforest Nations
See more of Hovde's artwork at his website: http://www.timhovde.comTo purchase or commission the artist send an email to: gallery@timhovde.comTim Hovde Pinterest:

South by southwest

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Pooling Reflections as seen in Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago

Commissioned by Interior Designer, Anthony Michael

Paintings in Nature

Immerse Yourself in Sight and Sound

Each video I create showcases an original abstract artwork I painted. I place each piece in serene landscapes from the places I live and travel. Listen to the sounds of nature all around you. These videos are designed to sooth and de-stress you and bring happiness. Be sure to visit my YouTube Channel where you can Subscribe to see all the new paintings and videos I create.Nature is all around you, enjoy.Tim Hovde


Introducing Tim Hovde’s Virtual Art Exhibition for 2020 on YouTube Showcasing Hovde's new series of oil on canvas paintings: InfinityIn this years exhibition, Hovde poured his time into large scale paintings and multi-piece artwork. Tim wanted to present an optimistic outlook during this very trying time. Tim paints his signature styles, Pooling and Virgin Color paintings, in dramatic and audacieux color and texture.
See more of Hovde's artwork at his website: http://www.timhovde.comTo purchase or commission the artist send an email to: gallery@timhovde.comSubscribe Tim Hovde YouTube Channel: Hovde Pinterest: