Camelback Mountain

Sepia Tone Photograph

Sedona Overlook

Color Photograph

I began photographing the world around me at age 10, when my father, who was a professional photographer himself, gave me an instamatic and said, "Take some photos."  


Rope n' Bridal


The instamatic was great and it sometimes leaked light and created all kinds of happy accidents.  From there I graduated to a Canon 35mm at 14 and it changed my life and my photographs. 

Waters Lily


Stairway to Heaven

I found I could take double exposures and use both black and white and color film, using filters to adjust all the photographs in all kinds of ways that were impossible before.

Walking Shadows



By the Pass

In college I was happiest in the black and white film lab, where I was now able to change the exposure and of the photographs I took.  The experimental nature combined with my creative abilites took my photographs to the next level.

Traffic Jam in Amsterdam

Horse is a Horse


Frosted Flakes

I found early on I was a different kind of photographer and was not interested in taking 10-20 photos of the same subject.  Instead I usually take only one photograph, waiting to have the film processed to see the results and only then deciding if I should go back and take another photo.

Boy on the Edge

Looking Through to Lanai


Fences of Madison County


Foggy Pond


Venetian Canal

Mossy Waterfall

Birds in Paradise

An Artists Latte

Horses Go Round

Butterflies Flare

Early Walk on the Beach


Parisian Vineyard

Equine Broom and Barn

Classic Auto

Las Vegas C

Eiffel Tower

Iris Inside the Sun

Autumn on the Pond

Sunset Over the Shenandoah

Tim Hovde is a professional photographer currently residing in Arizona.  He has been taking photographs in the United States and abroad  for the last forty years. Currently Tim is photographing farmland, the surrounding landscapes, creeks, waterfalls, hills and valleys of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.  Previously he photographed several countries in Europe.
"My best day was the day my father gave me my first camera. I was about ten years old when I loaded film and went on a photographic adventure for the rest of my life.  As time went on, I began using more advanced cameras. Today I'm still taking photographs and enjoying every single moment." Tim Hovde
“I wanted to put together a select series of color and black and white photos taken over my lifetime that bring back the past, look into the present, and take new pictures in the future.  So this can be a place where new series are added over time.” Tim Hovde