Tim Hovde Gallery

In the heart of Phoenix, where the desert meets the city, you will find the endless creativity of Tim Hovde

Pooling - Back to My Roots

15 canvas panels of pure color!  Abstract expressionism created by Hovde in his signature "Pooling" style.  This piece is made up of thousands of pokes of a brush.

12 x 12 x 1 inches - Oil canvas


Experiencing Tim Hovde's artwork is like diving into a pool of pure color.  The visual artist and photographer uses the colorful desert trails, canyons, and creek beds of Arizona as a background in each of his paintings. 

Pooling - Collage of Colour

136 x 60 x 1 inches - Oil canvas - SOLD

I began painting and photographing my surroundings at age 10.  I enjoy working in oil and mixed media, painting small, medium and large scale abstract expressionist landscapes

Abstract Expressionism at its best!  This piece was painted on a huge sheet of canvas, then split into panels and applied to individual stretched canvas blocks.  I was thinking of 1984, the colors and the happiness of those times. 

6 x 6 x 1.5 inches - Acrylic canvas


My life as an artist has been about the places I visit, the photographs I take and the memories that I bring back with me.  

United States Flag - Independence Day

I painted the flag to simply remember what democracy means to me before the tumultuous attempts over to end it.  This piece is painted in my "Pooling" style of painting and consists of a geometric layout and thousands of pokes of a brush with oil.

60 x 72 x1  -  Oil on canvas - Hand stretched on 7 oz. cotton duck.  


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Pooling Reflections #43, 44, 45 - triptych in oil

Installed in a home in Phoenix, AZ

If you have an idea you would like me to paint, send me a line and I'll create a painting just for you



I’m always open to collaborate.

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Sedona Overlook

I took this photograph while scaling the canyon in the early 2000's.  I mountain biked all the way up Schneibly Hill Rd. (not for the feint of heart) then dropped a rope and scaled down to take this photo.  

Sedona has always been a magical place for me and I've proudly hiked, biked and scaled just about every part of it.

30 x 40 photo print 


Just Sold...

Camelback Mountain Photograph in Sepia Tone

Installed in Corporate Meeting Room - Scottsdale, Arizona 

36x48 in White Frame - 6,000 SOLD

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